Know the ride you are on

You now are reading words of someone who spent an unknown amount of time to write them.

He thanks you.chev

Good moment as I do not know when you are reading this.

Finally here is the blog and we are now sharing moments, you reading this and I that took some moments to make it thank you for this beautiful exchange. While in the battle process of making this blog site I was listening quite a bit to Ben Howard an amazing musician, who inspires me (thank you for your moments) anyway as I was saying listening to him some of the lyrics just got stuck in my head, from his song, Depth over Distance.


“Hold on, wait until that lone sun
Breaks from the arms of the Lord hmm
Hold on, though we may be too young
To know this ride we’re on hmm”

I am not making as if I know why he wrote it or what he meant, all I will share is where that magic carpet lyric took me. I ask myself do I know what ride I am on?

If any,

What is a ride? Do I have enough tokens? Will I be able to stomach this ride or will I display my breakfast to all and feel shy and insulted by the rejection and the blazing eyes of judgment?


Did Aladdin know that his magic carpets name was Carpet?

Did he know that Carpet had a beautiful pure heart?

I do not know the destination always, I know my compass heart, is pointing and now I must move

However I am getting there it will be magic with bare souls or carpets, I don’t know what ride I am on, but I know who is with me!

I know who the driver is and thank God, He is.


Thank you for reading have more moments live.

Peace and Love.


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