Battling fatigue

It has been a while since I have been in a regular training routine, and I am feeling the splendors there of, yes even the fatigue is a splendor, I do enjoy the battle. David Goggins calls it to callus your mind.

The moment you relies you could take a step where you previously could not is a beautiful feeling.

Now the danger of this is, the why, why do we push and for what, I confess once not too long ago I wanted to gym just to gain muscle and to gain attention because muscle equals attractive, now that is detrimental to yourself you are auctioning yourself of to judging eyes!

To push oneself to do things for others perceptions, or out of the feeling of not being enough!

That is not calluses; it is eroding your mind and heart.

Again thinking you are not enough is eroding your mind and heart.

You are enough you are, honestly you are!!!

This life is so beautiful so open you can do whatever, but listen to that beating of your heart, dreams is spread beyond race, culture, and sex; we all have that shake in us to do something uniquely us, you know that thing you cannot help do, writing was a ninja in my life, with stealth it attacked my heart and I did not know yet my pen hit the paper my mind often composed words phrases and when seeing that girl you like my thoughts was let me write her a poem, I saw the ocean I need to write about her strength, good food and I need to write my language was writing.

Now back to this fatigue I felt today, I was not as productive as usual (not that I am highly productive) but today is beautiful for me with these tiered eyes it took some deep breaths and slow action a step at a time and now I sit here writing this and I feel good today and I know tonight closing my eyes it’s going to be magic

I encourage you to push and do what you love there will be up hills run up that hill or better yet walk up head up and take in the beauty that is life.

Peace and Love


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