Today was just another exceptional beauty.image_thumb_abcweb.php lica

I have been standing in for a receptionist at the gym, been enjoying being a part of the cross fit family and just helping out where I can, today I wanted to have lunch and took a quick stroll to a shop just a block away I bought bananas plumbs and my liquorice now there is a wonderful tale to be told of this wonderful black candy.

When I was but a young lad I did not have much of a sweet tooth don’t get me wrong I would not avoid it but I’d rather half my sweet and share with my brother, and liquorice, I honestly did not like it at all.

Okay let us pause here.

At the age of twenty one I joined a Taekwondo school and met an amazing group of people I was drawn to this one family in particular, the Carreira family we became close and just used to play some FIFA, kick ball outside, and some basketball.

My friend Jerome Carreira, told me to watch this one show called fringe where an character Walter Bishop walter was extremely found of the red Licourice, his constant eating and asking for this sweet was bashing in my subconscious constantly until I paused an episode and went on the hunt for a stick of liqourice, I found some at a garage I did enjoy it, it was different from what I recalled it to be and for a short while had some but not crazy about it slowly this black delight drifted from my subconscious to the deep recesses of my mind.

Now years has past maybe close to 5

Pause here

Not too long ago I wanted a little naughty energy drink I am amused at the flavors of switch they just have always bright cans with alluring combinations, strawberry and litchi, marshmallow, orange bubblegum just to name a few. Now on this particular day I just grabbed a can just because of the design and I knew I did not have before later on that day I noticed I really enjoyed the this flavor try to find this can and what felt like a long time I saw it in a shop and just read the flavor Raspberry and Licourice.


Then I started finding this black beauty again and with one bite I was brought to a new world of passion and discovery it seemed to pop up in small dosages I watched a film with my friend Bernard afterwards called Mr. Church and in this he spoke of liqourice from time to time and I was just in awe of how this little black sweet kept knocking into my life.

Why tell you all this just of a black candy well to me this is just an exceptional story of realizing oneself and loving it. All this might sound a little bonkers but I have been just discovering life and how gorgeous this gift is we have been given, now I feel like when God knitted me together in the womb He, tickled my taste buds with Licourice and now I am discovering this and I feel as if God just keeps waking me with this now I have always been interested in planting and having a small garden vibe, and now what ells must I plant then this wonderful gift.

Now discover the child in you and don’t hold back on what you enjoy go test it you might just realize it has always been there.

Thank you for reading this, go out and taste life!!!

You will enjoy it

Peace and Love                      RMDPoetry.

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