Stars, wine, premier league

Today the sun was low and kissed our shoulders leaving her luscious lips on our skin.

Thank you for all the people who just jumped in with me and following my blog honestly it stuns me that we are trading time thank you.

Stars, wine and premier league is all forms of Licourice to me, (if you know what I mean)

Today I enjoyed this triple threat, even now today still gives. I am glad to announce that Chelsea has won their match, all three goals scored in this match was beautiful and again there it is that trade of time, the players dedicate their youth towards this goal, not only to play a sport but that we will sit here and give our time to watch this ninety minutes of magic, we give each other time and our seconds has no refund policy and yet we give willingly.

What does it take to make wine? We do that exchange often work, sweat, and feet for candle light, communion, and often carpet stains.

Tonight’s glass of wine warmed an already warm body and because of this I went outside remembering that the stars spoke to me earlier this evening I went to lay down on the itchy grass and continue our conversation, or should I say our constellations… (Lame joke or as a friend phrased it dad joke) (I am not a dad think that makes it worse)

Our conversation not verbal but not any less true went something like this.

Stars: your skin shows me that the sun loved you today.

Myself: She did, now I am tender and I feel that little bit more.

Stars: that’s beautiful, you know to feel.

Myself: I’m just afraid that I will turn dark, how much can one feel, before one become      


Stars: its night yet you can see, you have more light in you than that setting sun can ever have.

            You have the light of the risen sun.


That light does not only reside in me it’s in all of us.


Thank you for reading

Peace and Love              RMDPoetry.