What the blog?

Why Blog?

I have previously stated that I honestly enjoy breathing or should I say writing, and I have always been allured by a blog just a space to write and read people expressing themselves in the way of their breath.

Now I am not sure how this space will look in a month or twelve, but I know now my fingers are hungry and the keyboard is a buffet.

Now there is so much accessible space for us all to find what we enjoy and do it; we are in a time of great potential and it’s time to be brave and take the steps toward the things your heart is beating,

As in Shrek better out then in.


Yes at times thing might stink even for you, but to me that just smells like fear, do not stay away from what you love just because you might miss.

The process is part of the process.

So why the blog the simple answer I want to, and so I started and trust me I have already made my share of mistakes, but that’s the beauty they are mine but I am not them, with this blog I just want to write, no ultimate goal or five year plan but only the enjoyment of breathing.

If there is something, you want to do small, or chattering teeth scary for you go do it because doing the things your heart whispers makes you know your home much deeper.

Let it rip let it out.

Hope you enjoyed reading

Peace and Love