Walking with Friends.

The morning was decorated by stars my friend Bernard, Bear, Badger, Chali (sometimes one name just does not feel right) and myself went for a run,39e7ad06-238e-46a1-8ba9-c47cdf00e1e9

our bodies still unaware of what is happening, took one step and then the next, and like most things eventually you arrive, so we arrived at the gym.

There is this kind of energy that comes along with the early birds in the gym, as if we all know that today we did it again acting like dough in an oven and rise.

On our way back home muscles slowly realizing that we tricked them to coming along, we walked back, now this is often where magic happens.


I would not call it small talk more like child talk.

We don’t talk about the weather but we just might cause lighting with our thunder lips. thunder lips

Yes we can talk shit honestly we can just go off on the strangest tangents, yet conversations with out points, must not be mistook for fruitless there is a beauty to silly and funny and straight out strange words. Now what I mean by magic is there, are times when it seems like he speaks helium that inflates the spirit and we are floating, words of truth seem to do this light and flight effect, glow in the dark sentences and you feel your back sprouting wings.

We spoke about the plans for today, what we notice on billboards, about how sometimes we just believe these lies set before us and finding God but not as if He is playing hide and seek with us more the opposite that we think He is hidden yet all we need to do is be still and know He is.

There are times when the words we speak just feel like nourishment, food that fills the spirit.    

When we arrived home high on helium words, the day seemed so possible (because it always is)                             

Now later the afternoon I went for a walk with a friend Mark(Marcus aurelius, bench Mark, on your Marks get set go.)(this is not at the Kloof)photo-2019-01-06-21-59-46 in a place called “the Kloof” now again I started to get a whiff of a feast before me walking within this landscape that seems so neglected yet so strong and flourishing wild and ever changing, our words seemed to make us forest fire ignited we keep walking, words that carve our hearts we speak of a Love that is just brain breaking, about the team we are all are included in knowing or unknowing team Jesus, and that His Love just wrecks our logic, you are included tattooed in or on His palm, your heart has His finger tips.

You are so Loved.

Now I hope you have helium conversations and thunder lips, life lives on the edge of that blade we speak with, go out have fun be you, you are honestly awesome, don’t you even think of doubting it.

Talk, joke, be pointless laugh, be you.

As always thank you for reading,

Peace and Love


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