Birthday Ballet

Today is the Birthday 21 years back of Runic, Happy birthday Runic!!! What an amazing pleasure it is to witness your life.


Waking up today we all are a day older but there is this ocean of people that greeted the sun today a year older than the day before, to me it feels like rubbing your hand over a school desk where you carved your name saying you are here (don’t carve your name in tables that’s just wrong) a birthday feels like your hand following the lines on the table, remembering that you are here.

Runic you are here and we all are the better for it thank you for your magic life!

Yesterday after posting the blog, we stayed awake working on our projects, Bernard was doing final touches for his girlfriend’s birthday Runic that’s you. I was just working on some writing.

After all that we decided to watch a film called Bohemian rhapsody, a film about a band called Queen, and their members; Brain May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon, and Freddie Mercury.

(I do feel a bit silly in explaining who they are!!)

There will be a blog where I write more about this gem of a movie, honestly I was just a bit floored by this film, it had a language I could understand and I think most could and that is part of the beauty of queen, but what I will go in to now is the story of a hat and birthday day.

Now to let all this make sense you need to understand that I have no fashion sense, not that I wear pants on my head and hats on my feet, but more like that skill of knowing what would fit with each other, what colors fit with your skin and all that not even sure how a hat must fit.

Now there has been this hat that I have been liking I have seen it on an artist named RY X

This is not the hat

and I have been hesitant of buying this hat, because you know fear of looking silly, and I walk barefoot in a mall, many would say that it is worse than an hat that might not look right, fear just does not make sense and one should not care yet it is something that comes and goes in my life it visits less the more I love God, but let’s get back to the hat.

I approached her (the hat) and with shy and trembling hands I held her, deep down I knew she was the one yet I picked up another because fear, you know that what if! My hands now full with these beauties I seek a secluded part in the shop with a mirror to see how they look, again fear sets in cause how will I look looking at myself, (I have some struggles forgive me) I knew it was her, it was love at first sight, so standing there was irrelevant, yet when I decided that I am going to commit I reveled in our moment yes we do look good, I do not know about the other beholding eyes but we enjoy each other.

Now for the Bohemian part, Freddie Mercury had this way about him and that was beautiful to see.

Side note ( Rami Malek did a spectacular performance just stunning thank you)

That just helped me decide you know what tomorrow which is today I will get the hat and so I did!!!

Now back to the hands on the desk and the birthday you are here carving.

You are here, yes here and that is more beautiful than any poetry can express, so don’t be shy of the things you like Liquorice, hats, how you want to dress or the feet you bare. We are carving on the skin of life don’t be shy carve deep and proud Gods hand is caressing your desk, His finger tracing every letter of your name proud that you wrote it.

Thank you for reading

Peace and Love