Inside of me

Cut me open and you will see the average body parts heart, lounges, kidneys, yet we all have parts inside of us one cannot see, passion love beauty, this is some of my insides I expose here just between us. exposed


What you know by now I really enjoy writing it’s something similar to breathing I always did it without actually knowing, I have decided that I want to write a book now inside this mind of mine there is an ocean of books, yet very little execution on my behalf, yet I am now busy with this one book that is near the finish, all it is a bunch of my poems, and now I am reading them and wow, what I thought will be check grammar and spelling (which admittedly I am not good at.) has turned out to be much more it is looking back in a mirror that held the past,  just the poems I wrote seems in some way not me , I can do so much better, and I am really glad about this because the moment I wrote them I remember I felt so stiff and forced when writing not all of them but now I can look at them objectively, not in a forced way nor in an negative or insecure way and I am enjoying this process.

I encourage you to find what you love and to do it, breath is inside of you. Forget what pressure you place on yourself, yet work hard, hard work is time and consistency, it’s easy to go hard once but giving it your all lies in the nurture of consistency, a storm will damage you’re thirsty plants but ask the clouds to let go a bit of themselves every day and your garden will flourish, the same with us.

Back to the book and writing, I am discovering a new inside to me which I would call storytelling,

Now I cannot tell you much about this because this is a new door I have discovered while holding Gods hand, different to just poems or even written word I am fascinated by storytelling in all its forms, I have been discovering truth slowly, God is inside He is the inside of all insides.

At snail’s pace I am finding who I am and that is beautiful and exhilarating as explained in previous blogs liquorice is new to me even the wearing of a hat, drawing, all these things I am discovering, and now I have an itchy for telling a story or 100000000000. I am the candy store and the kid at the same time, breaks the brain I know!


Remember inside you there is so much more jump and discover you. You truly are extraordinary

Thank you for reading

Peace and Love