“This is for each child
Who is a monument to the one’s who came before.
Maybe the best we can hope for
Is that those we leave behind find comfort in knowing
That we’re born out of love,
And not science.

That biology explains the how,
Love explains the why.”—Shane Koyczan shane-koyczan

Love explains the why.

Rain falls from the sky and the ground becomes dance floor and the child dances, the eagle escapes the chicken coop and fly heights stars fear to tread, this is me when those small joy drops from the sky. When it rains I feel that it’s made specially just for me as if God is, I know Richard you enjoy this so check this out your going to freak, and mostly I do, often I still contain, yet I don’t want to hold back any more, besides its becoming harder to contain. I have countless stories when it comes to the rain often it’s just at spectacular times and dramatic movie scene times, here is just something I have realized this year and it is just so special and dear to me.

As I have said before I have been helping out at the gym just at reception, and opening the gym, now I have decided to either to jog or cycle in, one because it’s fun and healthy second I do not own a car (which often I think helps a lot) now here is the magic often I would wake up before my alarm ( you know nerves as not wanting to be late) and then I would see its raining and at times it was coming down as if nature had its own party, laying back down thinking how am I going to tackle this storm on my way I drift back in to la la land, alarm goes off and I rise but the morning seems more quite and with a slow morning brain I realize the rain has stopped and I have a refreshing, empowering journey to gym I feel so free and powerful sometimes I would just laugh my way because why how is that for timing? And this has happen often this year and then today happened.

Today I was on my way to the mall to buy some groceries, first I ride into town with Runic, and then hoof it to the mall but I take the scenic root and just enjoy the nature I find a spot to sit and just quite myself, I close to this little dam and look at the ducks floating gentile and graceful. I lie down and see a sky filled with promise my spirit excites for this possibility of rain, I decide it’s time to go to the mall to complete the mission at hand and I say in thought it be nice if it just rains and slowly the drops starts to fall just behind me I felt as if I was walking dragging the rain with me, it was small drops so I did not get wet just refreshed knowing it will come. My friend Bernard finds me in the mall and we, got what was needed and walk out, he notices that as we step out it starts to fall and I tell him a bit about today. And we are in the car and it rains we make a stop and it stopped, we go back home and it is falling generously,

Forgetting that I have a dance class with Runic

dance 2 at five, I am thinking how will I get there, borrow Bernard’s car but I think no, I will cycle and inside I have this feeling it just might quiet down and it did yes I cycled in and back only water spraying up my heinie and back but the sky went calm.

Now I know what you might say that is just how the weather works, and you might break it down to condensation process or how nature works and explain it in the finest of details, and that rain might come and go and explain it by coincidence, and all I have to say you might explain the how but Love explains the why.

Thank you for reading

Peace and Love