Writing a poem

writingA bunch of lines creating shapes which we call letters and these letters make words and placing these words in a certain order then they speak with a voice only the heart has ears for, that’s just the magic of poetry, its hearts having conversation with each other, and I guess the langue is called art. Painting, photography, fighting, comedy, lawn mowing, the langue of the heart is not the object, the heart communicates with love.

Now I am trying to write a poem on a specific theme but it’s not yet flowing, no not writers block more like, fear slows the flowing river to a trickle, what is the fear well of how it might be received but I cannot know that for I have not yet written anything because I am thinking of the future, and even if I did I cannot know how it will be received and beyond that I should not care because then I am turning the langue from hart and Love to fear and mind. And now I am writing this as well instead of the poem, procrastination for the win!

procrasting champ

“Procrastination is the thief of time”— Edward young. Yet I have to say this is a little technique I use to reinvigorate my flow to write and even remind myself to just use the heart.

Today just kill fear at its source, identify it and then see that love is the only way to concur it.

Let go of the false musts and the opinions of others and listen to that trickle become louder and louder till it becomes deafening and burst trough that dam wall (if you know what I mean)

Have an amazing day and love yourself enough to do what you love.

Thank you for reading

Peace and Love


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