Jericho more than a name.

It is hard to describe certain events in your life, it feels like describing color, or how breathing feels, better yet it sometimes feel like describing love because most of these moments are love.

Introducing Mark (be prepared for Pun city) Remember this guy.


In no way do I think I will do the man justice in just a couple of sentences but to know Mark is to be marked, see he is not the hand shake and vanish kind of man he leaves a mark on you, a mark of love, honestly he is a dear friend of mine, who just keeps doing reMarkable things, when he invited Bernard and myself to join him to go to this rehab center Jericho, we were hesitant yet knowing who the invite came removed the fear and turned it to excitement, still was a bit nervous because this is not something I do daily, and not knowing what we will do also left a mysterious curiosity of how this will work out, so then we went on the drive. The ride is a breath taking path of beautiful landscape and open skies, it was candy to the eyes, a delicious array of hue and aura that surrounded us, arriving at the destination we were greeted by two strong guard dogs, I am sure could, maybe, perhaps reach your heel if the where so inclined but as the say it’s not the sizes of the dog in the fight it’s the size of the fight in the dog, I digress, the welcoming was kind and open felt cared for, food was so good had great flat bread and just good vibes, it’s good to spend time hearing people stories, now Mark had a moment to speak his heart, and his heart is a heart loving God.

Not sinners but saints we are Loved we are part of the amazing team of Jesus. (Also a blog to come)

Not sure if it was the words or if it was how he said it but it is still shaking in me, there is this kind of light that comes from someone who speaks truth, resonating with our hearts making music and inviting us to dance, now honestly there was so many things that is happening in all our lives its beautiful and mind blowing, there is all these little details that just makes this story of our lives so amazing, we played music and sang and laughed I caught myself outside dancing with my two left feet (I am extremely shy when it comes to dancing) don’t think anyone saw yet I went all out which I have never done before my spirit was just so free. Then we spoke to each other and there are just so many beautiful and encouraging stories within each human, we prayed and loved.

Now as I say there are far too many words to write and far too many stories, I will leave you with this for now, (There will be more blogs about this.)dancer

I danced outside it’s as if Jesus and myself went footloose not sure if He let me win, but the bluebird in my cage has been set free and no longer will I cage, that freedom yet the cage still exists in me but slowly I am believing that there is no need for the cage, love is not something to try and be explained it should just be lived, felt, and loved.  

Thank you for reading

Peace and Love


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