Some garlic

Introducing my friend Bernard you have read about him in previous blogs, yet I have not given a proper introduction, again know that no words strung together can come close to describing him he is Hercules, laughter, solid, safe wrapped in love, a badger loving bees. Anyway he has just been a constant inspiration and calm in life, these are here is some of the lessons I have learned today just by observation.39e7ad06-238e-46a1-8ba9-c47cdf00e1e9

Observation one

-Do, and don’t announce to easy do we announce our good deeds and low key seek the glory.

Every now and again we would run to gym now our hour for running in has been in the early morning due to me having to open, so he rises with me.

He rises without saying what great sacrifice it is.

Observation two.

-Head up

When running look up, often we do get tiered and heavy yet look up and see that there is a sun rising and that life is lighter with your eyes up and forward.

Observation three.


Don’t be shy to be you, now I have a condition called form (Fear Of Man) so at the gym I will be quite reserved and not go all out as I want to, find a corner and just go about life at there in the corner of my eye I see him jumping on the bars and doing his thing there is a freedom to being you.

Observation four

-Don’t give up

He has been battling with this VHS-C adapter thing the day long and it often seems that every small move is confronted with another problem yet he keeps going while if the tape was in my hands it would have sooner than later been a UFO.

Observation five.

-Always be closing (from a movie we have not yet seen)

 Ever ate raw garlic? He has, why because he wanted to make this video for his YouTube channel (go check it out its great Bernard van Wyk

So he made this video where he eats raw garlic each time Christina Perri says “I” in her song A thousand years, she uses I a lot in this song, so to just have a taste (pun intended) of what he is going through I had a bite, it was not fun at all. Don’t try it, it leaves your insides warm, and a taste that lasts. Point is he did what he set out to do and finished it.

I have a life filled with observations of my friends and family, enjoy the people you surround yourself with we all have beauty inside of us we all speak the langue of love and it motivates and inspires it reaches us and has us reaching, life is a wonderful when lived be alive you are living.

Let me know what have you observed from whom today?

Thank you for reading

Peace and Love


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