Birds and Truth. Part 2

Inside of a us we have a lot going on, we have these organs that just somehow know what to do, and then feelings not just in the emotional way but senses we can’t quite explain,

Inside we have our own voices that whisper and tell us you can, you can’t, I should, or should not, often this voice can be taught to tell you lies, you can forget the truth. The battle is with in but this is not a battle with swords or guns, this battle field is in identity. Who you believe you are, or rather who’s you are.

Inside we have life, either we give oxygen to that life or we suffocating it,

The bird, our passions our love, our dreams they are our insides and we need, to give it oxygen. I hope today you just listen to the whispers the song of the bird.

Thank you for reading

Peace and Love