Birds and truth part 3

There is a bird inside of me, humming to a living life.

I am not focusing on becoming a writer, yet I am focused to write more. What makes someone a writer? Some might say it’s about being published, how many people know your work, how many has read your words, this only measures popularity.

A successful writer is one who writes because he enjoys writing, far too easy do we sell our hearts over to money, fame, popular opinion.

Close to a long time ago I have felt less then I am because I have used the Rands and cents to measure who I am. My heart did not matter to me because all you need to do in life is to look good seem good and do some good. I have felt the fluttering of the bird inside me yet fear held me back, she beats her wings stronger and still I ignore, she is focused on a heart attack and beats harder and harder still, I could not deny her pinions that held me at feather point, she spoke to me in defining whispers I know no one ells could hear but it does not matter, I was shivering and shaking some nights I broke out in a writing frenzy but buried, this bird under tones of should, and what would they thinks.


You might not see the wings of the spirit inside me, you might hear her song in some of the poems I write, might notice her in my morning smile, I know there is still times when I clip her wings but it can never be cut off, this is true for you as well, dear readers, friends fellow eagles, there is a bird inside you a LOVE a PASSION and today might be smothering, or you might be soaring, all I ask on your behalf, for you is not to deny that love inside of you. Often we are pressured to rank ourselves among others who deny themselves don’t grab the ruler, understand that beauty does not have a measuring staff and know that you are more beautiful than ever, our hearts and dreams often asks for hard work, because hard work is the chisel that removes the lies, you will surely discover you, and when you do it will bring tears to you, because you are rare and beautiful. Creations of the Creator feathers of the Father.


Thank you for Reading

Peace and Love 


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