A cup of coffee and a blank page.

It was just us, we sat in silence holding each other, she held my breath and I held her ear, her kiss was strong and warms my throat my lips stain her white skin. The silence grow in to whispers when we noticed another two romantics pen and paper shy as can be also holding hands, but none of us spoken the words we wanted to speak.pen paper

She was a good cup of coffee and inspired this short blog, I was wrestling today with writing feel a bit like my mind is trying to build five, 100 000 piece puzzles and then end up just mixing pieces and not building anything, some might call it writers block, I don’t believe that. I see it more as walls some are higher than others yet none are insurmountable and it’s not a block it, you can walk alongside the wall and let your fingers grace the brick and cement, see the thing is more focus and pressure, with most things it is better to relax yourself focus and strike.

We might feel that we operate under pressure I agree many work better in the final hour of a project than in the beginning of the month when you received it, I believe it is because you have gained focus almost a tunnel vision and because of that you are motivated to finish and at the same time relaxed while doing it, like a fighter you are under pressure yet your muscles has to relax to work at its best your mind has to be calm to and focused, and I believe that it is so with many thing including writing.

Now we have to just spend time with ourselves to get to know how to gain that focus and then to let go of the I must and gain the I want to I love this a reminder of who you are and today it was a cup of coffee for me nothing spectacular ( I am more a tea man myself) I just felt the occasion called for a cup of coffee a good couch and maybe a walk and it was true, now I just needed to focus and start even if I did not have a finish line in site. Enjoy your tea, coffee, walk or whatever you need nothing big just a small action and remember it is the love that drives you let go of all the false pressures of the world it must have likes and shares let go of it all and just love loving it.

Thank you for reading

Peace and Love 


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