Popping the Question

The boy raised his hand in class not knowing it was courageous act, he only had a question, a question that lived between the letters his in experienced lips battled to form, why does one plus one equal to two, she had more patience with him because of his frail form, because one and one makes two that’s how it is. Still not knowing that his feet is on thin ice and eggshells, he speaks with a clear voice, the kind of voice that belongs to youth pure and unharmed.


Unaware that this exchange will be his first scar, he asks why two?

The roar of the class erupted viciously, he did not know laughter could have been used as a weapon, but now his sleeves show the marks, of a boy who struggled with math and his hearts, he rolled them up with his sleeves, the teacher could not keep track of this ever changing map and she lost her temper: it’s that way because I say so now just write it down that why. New to pain and not aware that embarrassment existed tears welled up in his soul, like a beautiful waterfall it showered down his face yet boys don’t cry they swallow tears, again something he did not know. within this instant his first and last name changed, baby cry. He walks out of the class as they sang cry baby. Still not knowing why two, still not knowing his real question.

Often the question we hear is wrapped in ten other questions not yet known to be asked, before I continue this story I am not taking a dump on teachers at all, today my friend Bernard you remember him (Go check out his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeDNq2y6kLkhgX8jAs0j1uQ) walked and spoke about great teachers or better yet amazing moments of being taught, see teacher and student seems to take away that it is person and person, I myself had the most amazing person teach me. To continue the question is not exactly worded right why is one plus one two, but closer to the question could be why do you believe it is? Maybe a better one could be who is one and one and how do they become two?

An honest question is not to agree or disagree to me it’s more to explore possibility. Maybe there is more than what we are taught to know, maybe there is a place where numbers don’t exist maybe we ask to find wonderland.



If you are young and reading this for whatever reason ask away be honest and ask, also take the time to ask yourself you might stumble on answers not yet know to anyone be patient with yourself and ask. If you are old and reading this ask yourself why, because why not ask. I digress do not be afraid to explore even this ever changing world is waiting for your experienced questions.

And then tell me honestly why is one plus one two??? WHY??

Thank you for reading

Peace and Love                                                                                                                      RMDPoetry


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