Rain and open mic

There is this beauty in the sky thunder is having a dance in the heavens, I have been poorly running an open mic event the past month, I know where and with what I need to improve on one is letting people know the event will be happening, advertising and social media has not been a thing I am consistent in, now usually I would feel SHIT but now I can look at myself and say Richard you need to improve in this area if you want it to grow yet there is no need for it to grow, I would like more people, so I know what I need to do now.


My actions will now be as a result of my passion and love and not because of what I believe is the, should or must, my steering wheel will be held by the hands of Love. It always just breaks my brain how beautiful these open mic nights are, often I thought this is going to be an epic flop a fail that the world will never forget yet, the people always have such beauty and bravery that just inspires me to my seat to write, I am beyond privilege to facilitate such a lightning event. Now you by now know my relationship with rain and the past days is just God spoiling us (ME) with so much rain and a breath taking show of the heavens dancing and making music. I was asked to perform at this event called Golden hearts this past Saturday and I was nervous and scared but excited and just as I arrived getting ready the rain started to fall and now after tonight’s event we are gifted with a gorgeous night of rain.

I hope you find the Love in your actions doesn’t be driven by guilt and fear Love has and will always be the answer.

Thank you for reading

Peace and Love                                                                                              RMDPoetry

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