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On the 28th of February I have a poetry event where I will just be performing some of my works, now I am writing and preparing for the event, I have been thinking of letting you into the path up to the event the writing and the build up so I am going to try and express as best from now on just how I approach writing before this event and what I do, give my tips and routine on writing, it will be overall but mostly focusing on getting ready for the 28th.

Today I have been focused on clearing my mind to realize that the mission ahead is the 28th not something ells almost making it my focus point and avoiding that my mind wonders away or that it just finds something to worry about with no reason, now the danger about this is, I often than neglect a lot of other things for example I would even have avoided blogging, because Richard focus get yourself ready write worry, worry, worry.

I have been calming down a lot yet still sometimes I can easily become one track minded and leave some of the other work behind when it is more than possible to do, it’s as if my mind struggles with the multiple work, not work load but the different tasks, silly example, if my arms where my brain it would be okay to carry an extremely heavy load but don’t ask of my mind to rub my belly and my head it sometimes felt overwhelming. That mostly happens because of the pressure I have placed on myself and now I am becoming more focused on doing the things I love with Love is making all the difference in my life.  


Thank you for reading.

                                            Peace and Love


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