How are you?

how are you? Could be the most asked question in the world and yet it’s the question we give the least attention.

First I hated the question because it seemed that people did not stay long enough to hear the answer before moving on past you or to the conversation they actually want to start.

So I became snarky and sarcastic answering it in all different ways trying to make a point, the point was that you don’t really care.
So this is some ways I would answer,
How are you depends on what cycling, okay, running, not the best, amazing in bed I can sleep for hours?
Or if they asked are you okay I would be I’m not a grocery store.

And many Afrikaners have this “goed en jy?” greet And my reply would be good and you only to realize they have already answered and now we are in a loop!
My sarcasm was loaded and I spread the bullets far and wide even making my friends victim, I did not like how cynical I have become.

Now I answer the great and powerful question simply by stating the truth!
And the truth is always good!
Now, this was not overnight nor was this a mantra I chanted and started to believe NO!

First truth had to be established and truth has a name, Jesus! God is good that is what we say and we say we believe, so if God is good and He Loves us how can it be bad with me, before the verbal bullets fly, I am not saying that tears don’t fall and that the sun don’t burn yet what I am saying is I have realized that God has got my back so I am good. Always, again this was not overnight I had to seek Him first and discover if He was as we say or sing He is, and I have realized that He is not He is far beyond what we can comprehend!!!!!!!
Nothing changed in my life the good the bad the ugly all still stayed, the shit I stepped in still smelled and flowers I planted stayed flowers, and there were hardships I faced and moments when life felt dark yet I could not judge God on what was happening. We have fallen in a trap where we judge God according to our experience, we sentence God based on feelings, OUR FEELINGS

I have now a calmness in me I have never felt before, and that is because I am slowly letting go of weight that I was never meant to carry, I do not have everything in life figured, tragedy strikes and I cry and hurt yet the heaviness which I once felt is dissipating.
Because I know Him and I know whatever happens he is with me smelling my shoes, seeing the good the bad and the ugly.

So How are you?

Thank you for reading
Peace and Love

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