The day is coming closer.

Working on the new poems

Cycling to the gym this morning my mind started to pontificate, on life, time, tired legs, that seemed to have been the appetizer for me today, starting an onslaught of thoughts knowing I need to write poems for the 28th I allow all my thoughts to be inspired by anything, I have poems and a theme in mind now all I try to see is what could bend that way some thoughts and themes are extremely malleable and seems to flow easily into the shapes I would like it to go others are more rigid and seems to snap or not budge then I look at it, can my thoughts clothe this immovable object and if not it’s time to let go maybe it pops up again but that will come naturally.

dead line

I have this one poem I am working on about a child and the idea of monsters in cupboards or under beds, now the dangers of knowing what you are going to write is it might become so thought out that it loses heart, I like to write in such a way that I get excited where it will surprise me because I do not know where it is going and to me that is exciting and beautiful.
Today I am struggling to focus on the poems sometimes it is the easiest thing and other times I know I have to place myself behind the desk and keep pushing, and then there are times I know I need to let it boil and I think this is one of the days, what makes this hard is it often feels like you do nothing because you are in some way not doing anything you are not doing much yet I burn a lot of brain energy and this is a weird battle because you feel guilty for not doing anything or wonder what people might think if you just sit then you lose focus on the river of thought you jumped in and this can be draining to me.

Now I am excited about what is stirring inside of me so much to come out and surprise me.
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love

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