Run Boy

This is the poem I am working on now the only thing I have written down on the main sheet of paper was Run Boy, on the page I write random lines and thoughts well its now three pages but it’s not even close to poetry or finished, this took me hours to do and inside me I feel it move, I can only imagine it to be like swallowing a fish alive you can feel it move but it’s a different feeling from how it would feel in your hands.

What is run boy about, well about running, running away, running towards, what is to run in loving arms what it to run away from fear is.
Writing to me is like making a human and with this poem I have clothes and jewelry for this poem but not the skeleton nor do I have the heart yet I feel the heart of this poem inside of me, it is very close near and dear to me, yet I do not have it down on paper or words I feel like I grow hearts when writing poems and writing is me taking it out of me but first this heart needs to feel as if it is mine.

I am starting to feel more confident about the event and starting to feel excited about the pieces, they are growing stronger in the theme, and beating more within me, and writing brings excitement to me and wakes the slumbering child in me. Writing feels like walking in Daddy’s footsteps and creating and doing what we love, I still am a bit daunted about the evening who will show and how I will remember and will I have done all I wanted to before the 28th and knowing that in the month thereafter I will have another event brings a little bit of worry but that’s the trap of living in the future it always brings the what if and we miss out on the splendor the moment brings us the moment of now. I have done similar events like this before yet I feel as if this one is special to me, the previous one I have done I felt that my poems sounded different and flowed differently and now I am excited what this will bring.
Now, this is the story, for now, I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and please comment and talk to me ask away anything about anything let me know what interests you in reading blogs or about poetry, and writing, tell me about you I would enjoy hearing from you.

Thank you for reading
Peace and Love RMDPoetry.

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