Goldilocks and The Golden Spirit

Working on the poems, today I had bit of a breakthrough with the poems very little is written, a big part with the way I write is flow and what feels right, hard to express this is more than a feeling, it’s a guide as if my spirit is tasting different poems and like Goldilocks, it just knows what fits and what does not and what’s too hot and cold, yet when that, *this is just right* taste cross the delicate taste buds it’s locked in and we know what to order on this enormous menu.

(while I am writing this.)


I am still working on Run Boy, and it’s turning out to be more than what I expected it to be (it’s often the case) writing with the Goldilocks taste buds always leads me to unknown bear houses. That’s just how wondrous the Golden spirit is.

Overwhelmed by the poem I start crying while writing not weeping tears but I feel it and I can not write fast enough not know what word will follow, it feels as if there is something logged inside of me and now it needs to be released, so I was listening to a song that fits the poem and I close myself in the bathroom and sing SHOUT the lyrics, (I thought I was alone in the house but my friend walked in) I did not know with the music blaring in my ears, now the poem is not finished and it feels that I have not started, despite that I moved forward because I know where to find this logged poem and know where to go to release it, and know where to take it and with that no matter how large the piece I feel comfortable excited about where this will take me.


Thank you for reading

Peace and love                                                                                                                         RMDPoetry

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