Frank Castle

Hello, I want to thank you now for reading all the blogs I have been posting thank you for your time, hope you feel as if you spent it well. today is just Hello I want to thank you now for reading all the blogs I have been posting thank you for your time, hope you feel as if you spent it well. today is just beautiful I feel a bit sore and heavy in different ways one is physical yet my mind feels a bit warn as well but if feel some beautiful poetry creep inside of me maybe the tiredness might bring more pieces forward I feel strangely inspired now. Talking about the poems there is a week left for me to be ready and I don’t feel close to ready and feel still that I am filled with far too many, ideas and too little words, yet this is about the one piece I am busy with.

Frank Castle, he is a character in the Marvel comics (Marvel Knights), Netflix has two seasons of the Punisher, the third is canceled because Disney wanted to start its own streaming service (Don’t take my word for this is a headline I read just today) i have seen some of season one of The Punisher and I did enjoy, now this brings me to my poem I am working on inspired by this character and Jon Bernthal.


who I believe has been doing great as the character that brought the depth to a character who I believe has often just been seen as one dimensional and he has brought a depth you read about within the comic series enough ranting now to the poem.

all I will say about Frank is because of tragic events in his life he, became an angry man, he is angry with the world he became vengeful and lost his identity in the pain, he and the pain became one in many ways he rages within himself, more than anyone else in his life and often I think we all somehow identify ourselves, with the pain we are used to.
Often saying “I am good” feels wrong as if its not okay to be good as if life needs to be hard and brutal and, when we face something in our lives we become one with it, as if it is part of us, as if it is us and we do not know ourselves without the pain, who are we when we can just smile and say that its good with me, in this poem I find the parts of myself that enjoyed identifying with anger I really believed I enjoyed being this tripwire kind of guy who has a war inside him, that no one knows or can relate to my pain is my pain, and that’s me I enjoyed the idea of being this lone broken man some would fear to tread around because he might be cruel, honestly I hated myself more for the pain I caused and that just placed me even deeper in the pain. now i am working on this poem connecting strings and playing with the character and his story.

frank skull drop

now let me get back to writing the poem again thank you for reading
Peace and Love

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