Ideas execution

A short story short, with this time in preparing for the poems I have just re-realised that we all have ideas mids filled with questions and even more answers yet we do not work on them we leave them to wither and die and I honestly have more ideas than I can count,
( not sure if that means I have many ideas or that I can not count that far.)

but they might be written down might be even spoken but then what then we leave it to time to let it gather dust and even forgotten, I don’t believe your dream will ever be forgotten yet the poems I do not write or record the might drift of in to the space of dust bunnies and fear. I will say I just would like you to spend time with the people or things you love and act out on the ideas, not because of worldly success but because it was a part of you that came up and whispered I am here.

I have this idea with cards and hopefully, soon you will start to see where it will go.



thank you for reading

Peace and Love


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