I’m Back

Hello, it has been a small part of a long while since I have posted on the blog, and now I am here on this little part of the world wide web, thank you all who, takes the time to read my blog, and even a greater thank you to all who inspire my life THANK YOU ALL.

In the time of absence, I have placed most of my efforts in the writing, of my poems and books, I want to get done, I have realised that I have kept placing my attention elsewhere instead of that what mattered most and as a form of acceptable denial I did other works as an excuse for my inaction and claimed most things as a distraction, while honestly, I believe the actual reason was/is fear and discomfort,fear

it is hard to face the questions my mind keeps asking while working on editing the book being faced with what I wrote and asking myself is this good enough who am I kidding this cannot be it, that mind battle is tiresome, most of us are faced with what is essentially our form of expression it is a part of us a way we express, communicate and knowing that many might see and disapprove keeps us at a standstill.
Well, it did me and in some ways still and I am aware of this and often have dialog between myself and God at looking this fear in the eye? because why do I care what you might think is this poem or book an honest expression of me or an outflow of something I felt needed out, that is where success lives in being you.

If no one existed in the world what would you make, sing, paint, create? That must still be created, often we try to fit in, to what we perceive other people might like forgetting they just might be fearful as well. the greatest act of inspiration comes from being oneself and the greatest inspiration is to inspire, someone to be themselves. be yourself you are beautiful.

I am now focusing on the book and getting published, I will share more of this journey here on the blog and many more little stories I pass by.
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love

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