The baby steps

Today I have won small battles rose earlier than before not because I must or feel I must but because I wanted to, and today I did.
Had some eggs and tea, an open page and the ominous quiet, of the morning was just beautiful, I stretched, today did not take long but I felt like it will be good and it was another victory for this day, on my way back home today I took a moment to admire the beauty I am surrounded with even took a photo, another small win.

I have realised in spending time on the pursuit of dreams, I sought after the big bang, the moment everything just seems to happen but living for such glory is often, just pandering for people, to prove that I can be successful as if there is a finish line but like the great speech in Any given Sunday,Any-Given-Sunday-1999-3

life is a game of inches and we are surrounded by it, this is becoming more clear, it is the small victories of self that builds up to the great big bang, but the bang will also not be just for attention but it will be fireworks in your heart every day, that is what matters you being you, living the way of a free life, and in that there are things you want to do, you might want to run go for a walk, there are moments in a day where you want to be a bit more still, and you did it for one brief second while drinking a cup of coffee enjoy these small victories because they are what matter.inch

we all heard it a journey of a thousand miles, Rome was not built, lay a brick and not a wall, all saying the same thing there are inches in the things we might pursue work on them, I need to focus on writing a word and not a book the book will come if I just spend time with the word in front of me.

go out and have your inch victories.
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love

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