The paper looks at me, and I look at the blank spaces, my hand lifts and I write.

Today is an amazing day, not just because of whatever works in my favor, but also for what does not, for the struggle, for the beauty of breathing.
On the slowest of a slow pace, I am only starting to see how gorgeous this life is no matter what because we are alive we have the option of doing magic.
YOLO: you only live once, I think the idea behind these words got contorted to becoming a wrecking ball, but to me, I think You Only Live (YOL), and the life on earth is short term but once you live, you are alive.
To have a death perspective does help at times too discern what is truly in your heart if you struggle to make a choice, stop and think what if tomorrow I won’t wake up, choices become more clear, example, today I might feel a bit tired and a friend asked would you like to go for a walk, the lazy in me might be nope next time, its overcast I’ve been up early feeling bit under the weather and a bit busy, vs there is no tomorrow for me, friend lets go for that walk. Your choice might look different but it does bring a perspective and clears the fog.

What I don’t like it feels a bit morbid and keeps one blind, I think the ultimate would be to walk with eyes wide open, being able to be grateful for what you have and not because of its fragility that it might disappear but that it is beautiful because it is.
Sunrise is beautiful because of Love, (not that it could explode) but because it was made and created by Love.
A friend is not beautiful because you could lose him/her, but because they are beautiful every day. It seems that we live out of reaction then and regret, we only love the moment because the possibility of regret so in our blindness, we take a stab at the moment hoping that we won’t regret.
the moment.
I spend time with my friend because of Love, he is my friend.
not because one of us might die so let’s spend time because we might regret.

the day with all of it is beautiful, enjoy each moment for its beauty, my eyes now like adapting to the light after a long time in dark is starting to focus on the beauty of all that is around.
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love

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