You know me well

An overcast morning and a good song, walking in on a shower of rain, a friend playing a song, opportunities that simmer, a cup of coffee and an open table on a quiet afternoon. He knows me well the excitement I get while walking and the sky speaks thunder, He knows me well, a bicycle ride and a punching bag He knows me well.

God knows the languages, I speak before I even started to learn my own tongue, we are developing a shorthand together exchanging inside jokes, and whispering sweet somethings, I am slowly being set free in knowing that He knows me well. He knows us extremely well, more than we think we know anything well.

There is a song by Roo Panes: You know me well,You know me well

that has been playing in my mind the whole time Thank you, Kelly and Mark, for that one, no really thank you.
anyone reading this Please go listen to him his music feels honest and sincere and its good music.
Back to being known, it is just the best feeling in the world realizing that God knows us, that brings freedom and in living free is worship, Worship is making God smile, I can only imagine how God must giggle and rejoice in us living a free life. I can almost see Him as a daddy that takes his children to a park and they first walk in the park Daddy smiles He is always proud but suddenly His children know they are safe and start running through a fields of flowers, jumping on swings and sliding down slides an unbridled kind of freedom and Daddy stands proud and laughing because His kids are



In the song he sings ” I’m stronger when I know that you know me well.” only now I am starting to smell that God is always in the kitchen preparing a meal for me and I am intoxicated by the sent. He knows us well. He knows you well. HE KNOWS ME WELL.

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