Where Do We Begin?

Where to begin when you have been away for so long?
It has been months since I have last posted on my blog, and it feels like years has gone bye.
We have bouned time to seconds and minutes yet time seems now more malleable than I have ever thought, days moves the same pace as the days before, but what seems to have happened is there is more space in a minute than I have ever realized, that just made my time even more valuable as if there is time inside of time now I know that sounds as if I took a book from the weird and wacky section in the library. I look back at my growth every day I look back at “past me” and he does not seem like yesterday away but more a week or year ago.

In Dragon Ball, there is a place where Goku goes to train, called a hyperbolic time chamber also known as the room of spirit and time.
Time does not work the same in that space one year in the camber is equivalent to a day in the normal world.
I think we are our own time chambers when we just focus on our spirit and truth.

Time Chamber blogg

It feels good to be writing on my blog again, I have been so focused on writing a book and for practice that I missed a bit just writing for telling a story or just because it’s my way of breathing, to update I have been busy writing this book, and it seems to be always so close but yet so far, am know I am near its end and I am excited, and I have been away for a bit where I have not worked on it for almost two weeks and now I am excited in jumping in everything first, a splash into my own life.

Well I hope you find space to just step back take a breath and splash in your own life, life is beautiful a truth I realize on a daily bases and it is exciting, dreams, love, relationships, all of it is a privilege.
This was just a short intro more blogs coming thank you all for still reading and supporting.
Peace and Love.