Tick Tock life goes by

Each of us landscapes, mountains eroded and formed by this river called time.
A day passes and we feel no different, and yet with every second we are changing our bodies forming growing aging, not too long ago I had a beard I have been growing for maybe close to a year I did not see it grow, and yet every day it did, friends whom I did not see often they would remark, wow your beard has grown, scrolling through photos of this year I saw how it grew every phase of it, the short no one thinks your growing a beard phase, to the weird mid-phase where it does not take shape but getting length, to the phase where you have to strategize eating. Time goes by unseen more time passes in a second than what we know I know that sounds weird but its something I have been feeling for the last couple of months, time has space within it and I do not want to miss it while I write this I am aware of the passing time that even while I am doing something I love it passes my body is doing things I am unaware of my hair is growing my heart is aging and I can not stop that, my nails growing and someday I will notice that its too long for me and I will cut them ( I confess some times skillfully bite them off)

I guess you might be asking what am I on about, good question and the answer is, not exactly sure because I want to shout in your face enjoy this most precious gift, I want to cut anything holding you back from enjoy every waking second and run on rooftops with the largest speakers and let it echo across cities Time is beautiful, enjoy spending it.
We all know that it’s not a new revelation its most likely one of the oldest discoveries, how beautifully fragile we are, and even if I feel that way I sit and spend time on things taking more space in the seconds than it should, like worry, fear, resentment, envy, fear, fear, Freaking FEARING.
Truly wasting time.

blog time 2

What is wasting time, we think that sitting and doing nothing is wasting time, we think binge-watching a show is wasting time, some might even say spending time with friends has a limit before it becomes wasting time. We will wait for things and waiting also has a limit before it becomes wasting time, waiting for a person to love you back, we gave that an unspoken expiration date, we have heard people say don’t wait for him/her there is plenty of fish in the sea, she/he is a waste of time, forget about…
“Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted” many are credited with this quote Bertrand Russell, John Lennon, Laurence j peter, Marthe Troly-Curtin. {Choose your Favourite}

To me wasting time is to fear.
I don’t think binge-watching a show is a waste of time if you truly wanted to sit on the couch for six hours or more watching the show, the thing is we have created fun distractions and that then becomes a waste of time, example you want to paint that wall but decide to sit and watch the show because you are afraid the color might be wrong I think you are spilling some of your time, taking a break to consider the color or seek inspiration, not a waste,

but distraction causing inaction is a dangerous gun many of us play with.
Being busy is not spending time wisely, it might be fear again and then it becomes waste. Some of the best time I ever invested was in sitting and doing nothing. With that said I know many are in a job they do not enjoy, to pay the bills that I understand but that is where the space of time comes in, you are doing something out of “necessity” but there is space in that time for you to enjoy for you to be alive and then there is what are you doing afterward and before, in the space of the time I used to write this my hair has grown so can you grow in the space and time of your work and afterward between the tired and the “I have not time, time” we all have time and a lot of space in the only hour you have. (I am sure most of us have more than an hour)

The thing about time is that it takes time, that is both the best and the worst part of time.

The hard part of time seems to be waiting for it to pass, we so easily place our lives on hold, we will only live until that which we wait for to arrive, then life moves on until we find something else to wait for. I have realized that waiting is part of the thing we wait for, it can not be subtracted from it, not only does it prepare us for it, and it sometimes adds value, it becomes part of it as if the passing of time is the growth of the thing itself. waiting feels like the spaces between words it almost feels unnecessary, and still, every space is part of the greatest stories ever told. Waiting for a parcel to arrive does not make it more valuable or more important but it does become part of the package it is now woven in the story.

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince.

We give time to what is important to our hearts.
We have to wait some times for things and that takes patience and bravery, it’s a brave act to put your heart out there releasing your art, or talking to someone you find interesting, It is even braver leaving it out there to allow time to do what it does, take time. All the while you must still be you.
Do not chain your art to an outcome, set it free with love, do because you want to do.
Do not pursue the person because your desired outcome is to have them, love him/her because you love them. Be brave.

Waiting is often an excuse as if it is not in your hands, an artist waiting for perfection. Waiting for a sign, if you need to move or take that job or asking him/her out, asking his/her hand in marriage.
Waiting is often fear talk for not doing.
Waiting for inspiration is still an action you can part take in to go sit outside or go for a walk or have a conversation with a stranger.
waiting on a sign, go out and take the waters of time drink it in with enjoyment.

blog time.jpg
Time does not exist if we don’t, I mean there will be day and night and seasons passing, but a lion does not wait for three o’clock for lunch, the clouds do not wait for the short arm to hit six so it can rain.
If time flys then we are the pilot aboard the plane.
Time is not wasted if you spend it on being alive, I have been becoming more aware of our fragility as humans, and the most valuable and precious gift we can give on earth is our time, so give it to Love.

Thank you for reading for giving me some of the valuble sands of your time.
Peace and Love.

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