Writing 1

 Like the spider be patient 

time is everybody’s cross.

Charles Bukowski

Often a writer is portrayed in two ways he is a madman casting out everyone and does not own a comb. He/She walks around muttering things and has some form of addiction.


Then there is the writer who seems to be at peace that sits around in coffee shops drinking things out of the smallest cups and has this sense of style, a swagger to his/herself.


Its the Raging ocean versus the calm lake, madman ranting or the wise pontificating, cool calm and collected or the distorted desperate and delirious.

we all write out loud when we talk or at least I think so, writing is drawing letters, that creates words on paper, not everyone wants to write stories and think up a new language for a rare wood elf culture, nor do research on nuclear bombs to write a compelling challenge for a spy.

I think everyone must write keep a journal of sorts, write a song sang by yourself for the wall, or write down your thoughts on a bill at a restaurant, walk aimlessly in a field and speak to yourself or God or a tree, ultimately I think we need time to reflect on ourselves and navigate what’s inside us I believe writing is a good starting point.

I have started to discover the path of publishing, I have not yet published but soon I hope to be, my first book is a compilation of my poems with the theme of identity, was I the mad man deliriously writing, no, the calm lake dropping knowledge no, what I hoped to be is just me maybe a bit loony at times, sometimes drinking coffee calmly, I hope to have achieved to be me.

The publishing world is daunting it feels messy, unclear, expensive and daunting, spending hours days weeks months and even years writing a book and then placing it in other peoples hands feel weird, again I have not published but it is already strange having an editor reading my book, giving me great advice, its feels exposing and vulnerable, then after that, you need to make a cover to let the audience know what’s inside but keep mystery so that they want to discover, judge my book by its cover, and it does not end after that, the path continues and it seems long and maybe even a bit lonely and unclear yet you know you are close well at least that is how I am feeling about it write (see what I did) now.

I enjoy Charles Bukowski’s writing, he has this piece on how to be a good writer (Not for the easily offended) and with most of it I disagree yet there is valuable truth as well and that is.

1)Like the spider be patient 

   time is everybody’s cross.

we all have heard this in different ways, and I think it is important that we keep listening, it takes time to climb a mountain or paint a picture, and we need to be patient with the process and with ourselves, we become impatient because we forget why we started climbing in the first place and taking a step back breathing helps to clear the vision and then we see it has always been love driving us.

2)get a large typewriter

    and as the footsteps go up and down

    outside your window

    hit that thing

    hit it hard

   make it a heavyweight fight

   make it the bull when he first charges in

   and remember the old dogs

   who fought so well: 

   Hemingway, Celine, Dostoevsky, Hamsun.

   If you think they didn’t go crazy

   in tiny rooms

   just like you’re doing now

   without women

   without food

   without hope

   then you’re not ready. –Charles Bukowski

There are always “legends” in every field and its comforting to remember that the people we look up too has had the same battles in different ways but we faced the same fou and you can defeat them as well.

Thank you for reading.

Peace and Love.



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