Monday and writing

Do not tell the sun, today is shit or it might not shine.
Do not tell yourself it is Monday or you might not rise
Why burden the day with identity such as “Monday” or “blue”
Today has always been waiting for you.


The same counts for writing, and all art, do not say that it is shit or it might not shine, selling yourself short is not humble. You are believing a lie of yourself for whatever reason. (I am guilty of this more than most)
I sent my book to a friend, shy and feeling exposed I sold it as its a little bit shitty but its there and complete. My wise friend responded “saying it is shitty is a shit move, sad to say but that value you attach to it will be the value it will be received with.” That stuck with me. (Thanks to Mark)

How can we work on something with love and excitement when we will only bad mouth it afterwords?
How do we rise to create then with enthusiasm?
Somehow we have placed pressure on ourselves on our hearts that we have killed the freedom to create. Art is our truest form of expression and now we hold it hostage to the opinion of others, money, and comparison.
Today has been waiting for you that is why you are here, your art is within you that’s why it is there. sometimes it starts with something as simple as Monday and believing in its beauty.
Do not believe the widely spread lie.
what we say and focus on has an energy and it does influence the day and your work, realize that your heart is waiting for you and its ready beautiful and strong, ready for you to rise and shine.


have an amazing Monday and week.
Peace and Love.

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