Looping Loops

I put things on hold because I am excited about something new
I do not start that something new because the things on hold first need to be finished.

I do nothing because I keep waiting for the moment.
The great break out thought.
The great motivation.
The cataclysmic event to change a life.
The best idea ever.
Never getting things done.
Enough with that shit.

Around and around we go, I believe it is a little bit of life pressure and a little bit of addiction to instant gratification. Posting something in the great universe of the internet places a weird idea in the mind the views shares and comment has become the staff to which we measure our video, photo, art, opinion, and at the end ourselves, we get a kick in the stomach when we post something and we have little to no response, then we aim, at our heart saying we are not good enough.
Enough with that shit.

Going in Circles paint

Unfortunately saying enough with that shit does not change anything, it does not move us forward, realizing where we are ad why we are on this loop, is the start.
Honestly, I have been feeling like I am almost on yearly loop things might look and feel a bit different but largely they are the same, and that brings frustration often a good marker for what needs to change.'Oh, great! We've been going round in Circles.'
A good thing to remember is that if we measure ourselves every day we will not have grown a millimeter but wait a week or a month and you will be surprised to see how much you have grown.
I guess is the balance figuring out what is going in a loop and what is slow growth and slow growth is good growth.

Let me surprise this loop I am in and stir it up, enjoy the


new things stay committed to the old for they were new to you before remember why you created in the first place, the overflowing excitement your hearts desire to reveal itself, stay true to you and be patient with yourself.

Thank you for all you who read my blog, you give your time to me and that is special, I will never be able to give it back. thank you again.
Peace and Love.

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