Writing 2

This is a different world, this world is larger than I thought this world of publishing. Now that my book is by an editor I am excited about what’s next, I do not know what is next.
I have realized that the publishing process can be part of the process, this small but important part is intimidating and yet its part of the fun. We do get up hills and down hills, some parts are harder then others, yet it is not to be hated if this is part of what I need to do, better to enjoy this.
I am thinking of self-publishing and using “KDP” (kindle direct publishing) Learning about all of this is very exciting.


With technology, most things have opened up to new ways, and that is exciting publishing is transforming as well, with self-publishing and just platforms to write on like Wattpad, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, all of this is changing the way we write and how we hold out our wrists with exposing our heartbeats to the world,
Giving your art whatever it is, is an extremely vulnerable moment, you are exposing something that has been incubating inside of you for however long and then you place that child in someone else hands is daunting, to say the least, it is a gift to be able to share art the way we do today, the audience is at your fingertips but with that does come the same for the viewer the power to complement or ridicule is at the fingertips, now it’s just a moment and you can be hailed a God or Satan.
The moment should not affect us, knowing who we are, is the defense. because of its standing exposed and saying I am.

We have this inner yearning to create something and it is from the depths of our hearts the truest and sincere part of us, so we create, paint, write, record, speak, we release.
I believe all of us want to just say it I AM, here.
                                                                   I AM, Alive.
                                                                   I AM.
                                                                   I AM.
                                                                   I AM.

Art is what dwells inside of us brave and tenacious, alive and courageous; Art is the manifestations of the unspoken heart langue.

Now onward to the road of discovery, if you are reading this and you have published and know KDP


Then please leave a comment, if you have anything to say about publishing from editing to printing or cover design do not be afraid, Thank you for all the consistent support, thank you for reading have an amazing time
Do not be afraid to release your heart.
Peace and Love


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