What it takes, beginning of the story.

“You got what it takes”
“Don’t do your best do whatever it takes”
“when they ask what do you do? I say whatever it takes”
These quotes make for good Instagram posts, especially if you enjoy it with some cheese sprinkled over your posts.
what does it mean? what does it take?

I can only speak for myself and what I have discovered.
Most art is giving, and that is what it takes, it takes of you, art whatever it is, is the giving of yourself.
Taking from yourself, is an art itself, taking time, taking your vulnerability, taking courage. All of this is what it takes it is part of the process.
When writing, I have to quite all the different voices and only listen to one, how to determine which, its the honest voice the loving one as cliche as it sounds it is true because when writing I hear Richard this is crap, what will he think, or what about her she might think this or that, and you want to share this so all can read, not now Richard remember you are a bit tired you just woke up. All these voices spew lies and do not want me to complete the task at hand, lies dressed in good intentions like wanting to protect my heart, don’t post this you will not be ready for the backlash people will think you crazy.
Identify the voice, Love and Truth, then it’s learning to focus on that voice.
By knowing the truth, that quiets the other voices, this is challenging for the other voices shout and are many while truth seems to just breeze by as a subtle whisper.
This dance happens then while writing when you know you are just in that flow you know the voice and you are just like the wind my fingers move and I don’t, Bruce Lee speaks of this flow state in fighting aswell where he does not punch but his fist does and honestly it is a magic place to be.


The other voices might come and shout again, but I know the voice and if it’s not the same, I don’t entertain, fear, pride, laziness, I know them, I do not engage them for if I do I won’t be writing, their mission is to stop, so I don’t listen and I write.
That is part of the cost. persuing the dream may take a lot it might be hard at times and there might be bad days yet it takes you to rise beyond that struggle that mountain, often we are the mountain to surmount.
That, to me is what it takes and gives, is you.
Thank you for reading this late-night blog
Peace and Love.

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