Where does it go?

Oh, Poetry have you left me?
Hidden maybe?
Have you wondered and lost yourself?
Please do not go away.
Please do not leave.

There are times when writing a poem is one of the hardest things to do for me, as if it is something I have never done, it feels as if I have been playing catch my whole life and then suddenly I lost all my fingers and I can’t even catch a cold, but I have all my fingers I have what I did a week ago why can I not write? where is the “flow?”
If you are like me the slightest bit, then you know that guilt comes breaking in the front door! “Its because you did not take care of your talent”, “God took it!” “You used it for selfish reasons!” then doubt comes in a close second, “the other times where luck,” “it was not that good you fooled yourself,” and then a whole barrage of voices come streaming in, then writing almost feels impossible, I think many would call this writer block.

Poetry, visit me just one more time.
I will light the candles.
I will pour us wine.
Just one more night, stay up with me
we can watch the sunrise.

Where does the skill go, its something I just did, I felt good no negativity, it just won’t come the way it did a day or two ago, is there a finite amount of art living inside each one of us, have I done my part is it all over?
I have been “blocked” “clogged” before and then I will erupt again in a flurry of poems I know that they are there they are inside, it’s just not running like the river I know, they will come I know but it seems like the “flow” is slow as if this once raging river has been blocked by an army of beavers building walls to slow this river down.

Poetry I know that you are near.
I know you have not left
It is your silence I fear.
Have I been away?
Are you a child I left at home?
Poetry I am coming
I just forgot where I stay.
Oh, Poetry I am coming home.

Sometimes the process is just not the same, it just takes longer, often we carry something and think we are in our creative space and we are not.
We sometimes might get frustrated that things are not working the same yet the process is the process.
This happens to me, and I try and remedy it by letting go. I know it will come just sit, be quiet, wait. Do not place pressure on how it should come, it will arrive when its suppose to, it always does.


With consistency and patience, your river will burst and break any barrier ahead of it, know it will come, it’s already on its way just wait, be prepared and wait. You will arrive there where your heart has been waiting for you, you are the river you are the flood, and you will get there, you will be home safe.

My dear, Poetry thank you for waiting
I know that you are at home.
I am on my way, just passed the valley, I hear you are singing,
my feet already dancing.
Wait for a little while longer, I will be where the heart is soon.

Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.


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