How to Write 101 658.

I don’t know.

I do know what works for me, and how I have discovered what works for me. Yesterday I wrote about just sitting and doing it so that is step one if you do have the itch to write just sit down in front of a clean page and write, try not to overthink it or write something to be published just start writing about a cat or about your day.

Do not judge your work, you just started with step one and that is to write, to discover you.
What are you writing about? How do you feel while writing? Discover how your mind works how it jumps from the one thought to the other, what kind of connections are you making?
The first part, to writing (for me), is discovering yourself, live in a world without rules and see what you come up with.

What did you struggle with, find ways to improve, one of my biggest struggles is spelling (School did not help, and I did not pay any attention, so that’s on me.) I had to be honest with myself and swallow that huge chunk of pride and admit that I am not good at spelling I messed up at school but still, I want to write, how do I fix this?
READING, reading has improved my spelling and grammar and helps me figure out what sounds wrong while reading my work over, I still have a long ways to go. There are apps such as Grammer ly that also assist when I write but it is not to let it just fix, it is to notice my mistakes and learn.
Whatever you might struggle with, seek to improve it.


Ladybug in the green grass
Macro photo of Ladybug in the green grass. Macro bugs and insects world. Nature in spring concept.

Challenge yourself, write about a ladybug named Gregory Charles,
just keep writing watch a show write what you would have written differently about the characters or what you liked, again this helps you find you, and then write.
Step one is all about you just getting to know yourself as a writer, and that requires a lot of time behind page or typewriter, pc, whatever you are using.
Find your language and find your struggles and enjoy them both. Dive into who you are and enjoy improving on the craft of writing by seeing where you feel uncomfortable and seek advice on that part youtube other writers listen to their advice Stephen King or Neil Gaiman whoever you can find and today it is easy to find them.
don’t hold back because your writing seems different then some of the other people out there that might just be the sign that it is good, you are your own well of creativity and knowledge jump in.
Enjoy it, why write if you do not enjoy it?
This is a small nugget but go out your way to make it comfortable for you to write, make a cup of tea sit outside breath deep and write, kick f your shoes drink wine and write be comfortable but remember its to position your self to write your best writing, not to fall asleep or get intoxicated it is to limit distractions so that you work at your optimal, and enjoy discovering who you are.

Thank you for all your support this past week, thank you for reading.
Peace and Love.

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