Writer’s block

Words, come to me

Why have you built a wall

Words, can I no longer see?

Why have you allowed me to fall

Words, there is none where I now…

What’s the word?

Writer’s block a condition found in writers who stair into wide-open spaces finding nothing to say, writers who begin to fear the blank of a page.

I am not sure, if I ever suffered “writer’s block”, I have felt like I’m not getting anything on the page, I have felt frustrated, and anxious about writing because it felt like nothing is coming out, I felt blocked.

Words I am here I am open

Words I give myself to book and ink

Words I bleed willingly

Word my words where are you?

“Writer’s block” can not just happen to a person, I believe there is a reason for the blockage, and to unblock you will need to know how and why you have become blocked in the first place.


I do not have this down to a science just my experience and thoughts but I hope this helps if you ever do feel blocked.

There are different types of writer’s block.

Busy Mind

To create something one has to be able to focus, when our minds are busy its hard to tap into the creative side, creativity needs freedom and space to roam, that’s why it is hard to write when you know in five minutes you have to be somewhere, so give yourself the space and time to wonder.

do not squeeze in writing between task just to get it done. if there are tasks in the back of your mind either finish them or be at peace at pushing them aside your mind may not bring luggage to the creative space.


Is the trouble especially when you’re trying to figure out parts of your story that you are busy writing, you need time to come into the flow of things, you start dripping and then slowly the tap of your mind will become a bursting river, yet if you are interrupted or distracted you will always stay at a slow drip. think of a ping-pong player he must stay focused on the ball, people tend to be quite so that they are not interrupted, your thoughts will go back and forth while writing and you need to stay focused if you get interrupted you will miss the ball.

With distraction is fixation.

There was a time when I was knocked out by this beautiful lady, all my friends hear from me, was talking about her and that reflected on the page I just wrote poetry about her, poems about her, poems for her, yet I did not read the poems to her, I never resolved my feelings so I become fixated and traped in my own mind I blocked myself because of the fear of rejection.

She was an inspiration and yet, I was blocked from any other kind of thoughts, I could of remedy the situation if I just spoke up and revealed my heart.

Word, I will face fear.

Words, I know you are near.

Words, I now see.

Words, I now hear.

Words, you live inside of me.



Fear is the biggest block you will ever face, being afraid of what’s inside of yourself and being afraid of others opinions is the biggest block to creativity, it stops you from being you from self-expression, to stand up and say this is me and this is good is a brave act indeed.

We have this idea that self-confidence is ego or arrogance and its not.

You are special that art inside you is amazing, standing and saying I am is amazing because it inspires.

arrogance and ego is a facade of insecure people trying to convince themself of there beauty and the joke is they are amazing the must still believe it.

“writer’s block” is not a real condition and it just might take away from your ability to write, creating is a process and it takes time and effort to struggle does not mean you suffer from a made-up condition like writer’s block, it is a distraction that keeps you away from taking action.

Release your self you free go wonder freely in that creative field that lives within you.

Thank you for reading

Peace and Love.

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