Whats your story

Shadow is the evidence of a man.
He wonders the streets, seeking himself
He wanted to become
He wanted to be
All he saw was a shadow

We have a story every single one of us, we forget that we are the author sometimes we live as if we are only pieces on a chessboard being moved around and we are at the mercy of life, you know “life happens.”
I think we tend to hope that life will move us in its favour that we are the knight or the queen yet so many of us feel we are just a pawn or even just the matt, we are just there while “life happens” and life chose everyone else.
“Life” is only a consequence of being alive, and you are alive! and that alone is beautiful.


A shadow that only lives in dark spaces
A shadow of an idea
A shadow people fear
A shadow there to see but not touch
A shadow just there, but not alive.

You are an amazing story, and the most difficult reader will be yourself because you have to reflect, you have to realise the truth of you.
We are far too hard on ourselves to be objective, and we treat other peoples opinions as if it is our mirror. its no wonder so many see their reflection as broken, ugly, unworthy.
I know there is beauty in you, but this can not even be your reflection.
reflect within and that is something only you can do, dive deep into you, your story, see the truth see all you have become that from birth you have made it to this amazing point that is magic, you are telling your story, you are not just a piece at the mercy of life’s hands you are the game, the story, the prise, you are, you already from the start, that’s the beauty listen to the voice, you have been telling you’re, story from chapter one.

You have always been the author.
We all have a story and it beautiful.
What is your story?

He is not a shadow of a man
It is a shadow because of a man
A man and his light.

Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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