Remeber your name.

What once was life, has become a dream.

Now my tongue knows words like impossible and practical.

The words I once spoke now only smoke 

Reminding me there was a fire

A childish passion a burned-out desire.

As we age, there is a lot we start losing, it feels as if we actually work in reverse, born complete and we keep losing things, freedom, spontaneity, wonder, love. What we gain is the absence of what we lost, with no freedom there is captivity, with no wonder only disregard, no love only fear.

In the great Rocky films, there is a scene where rocky remember something his trainer Micky told him.


Mickey: And nature is smarter than people think. Little by little, we lose our friends, we lose everything. We keep losin’ and losin’ till we say you know, ‘Oh what the hell am I livin’ around here for?






This, sounds tragic, do we just keep losing till we fade away? NO, yet it is something that happens when we forget.

When we were young, we were naked but with time we dressed in the opinions of others and what seems to be the norm we checked our size and put on the pants of fear we let go of the wind in our hair and placed the helmet of responsible on our heads.

What I now see, is ash 

remains of a flame 

A boy that forgot his name 

A man that now hides in his shame.

To age is part of our nature our design can not be wrong, it is a beautiful privilege to grow old and age, to be wine that matures, experiencing life and all it offers, knowledge to gain and apply to try and fail, we must not fear to lose, that happens but what we think we have lost, is sometimes just misplaced may be forgotten but it is always there as a small mosquito bite, we forget but then the ich comes and we scratch, we might forget again yet the ich will come.


We do not lose love, wonder and childlikeness we just forget it between the clutter we gain in our lives. We pick things up easy habits and believes the key is to explore and test but always stay true to you and it can be hard with so many voices that have input in our lives and with social media it does get a little bit harder, but you know that ich, you know the voice keep reminding yourself of your own passion it has never faded nor burnt-out your flame never dies might be a small fire dancing on a matchstick, but it is there waiting to become forest fire.

What once was life is still alive

The tongue stutters no longer 

A name never dies 

The flame will always remain 

The flame waits, waits for you 

To remember your name.

Thank you for reading have a super weekend

Peace and Love. 

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