Taking chances

It was a gorgeous winters morning, riding my bicycle to school, all is good I enjoy the cold on my face, I know that the uphill is still to come but I have grown fond of it, to me, school was more of a challenge than any uphill my town could offer, but while battling the hill my mind wonders, travels to a distant drawer and pulls out a file, and suddenly my legs slow, my heart races, in a moment I had a tragic realisation, I have forgotten that I had homework!!!

I am swept up by a tornado of thoughts and feelings, around and around I went through the five stages of grief in a matter of minutes, denialangerbargainingdepression and acceptance.

Denial; I’m wrong this was for another day yes this was not my homework…SHIT it was I remember the teacher saying the words “be finished after the weekend” 

Rage; Why, why, why, mind do you only remember now, I did check I did spend time thinking did I have any homework, but nothing now you remember. Fug cakes!!! {That was not the words I specifically spoke but you get what I’m saying.}

Bargaining; I will just tell the teacher that I will complete the task before the end of today I can do it in break yes this is possible, maybe, hopefully. 

Sadness/self-pity; No he will never take that offer, he does not like me, I have missed doing my homework far too often, what’s wrong with me I suck, I can’t do this anymore I hate school I would stop cycling and just stand in the cold of the morning and look at the passing cars, feeling a failure, why can I not get “life” right and this is the easy part, apparently it gets difficult after school so that means that I am Fuged {again not my word I used}

Acceptance; You know what I will just sit detention and get it over with.

The tornado would take me a couple time around different versions of these thoughts.

Waits what is that…

What is this thing being hurled at me between the debris?

Creativity; I can take a chance, challenge accepted I mount my bicycle, oh and look where I am, right at the foot of the hill, I can do this.

Arriving at school I am on an adrenaline high, I feel my mind working fast yet everything still seems slow, what was the task? an award, I had to make an award. Now I have nothing what can I possibly do as if in a game objects seemed to highlight; A rock, a toilet paper tube, my memory redeemed itself remember you cycled past an old tennis ball, gathering everything, fibbing to teacher to give me some space and time missing part of class some glue and glitter and I have a mic on a heavy rock… 


Hard rock awards there we go project done.

I took some chances that day, not risking my life, still for a young me, there was a lot of risks involved. A little adventure of a younger me and it had all the twists and turns, mountains, a battle of dark and light.

I stood up and took chances some naughty ones and some creative ones but I stood and went up the hill.

We face challenges daily and we go trough storms of emotions and we get bashed by the waves of emotions of other people battling their hills.


Look and you will see in the rubble that toilet paper and rocks are beautiful opportunities. enjoy this week, go all out.

You might just win the heavy rock award. 

Thank you for reading.

Peace and Love. 

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