My Book and Mountains

A mountain before me
None can see her
She is a dream
She is a heartbeat
She is a way of life
She is my love

I have compiled some of my poetry and now I am in the process of creating a book, this is a climb there are many factors involved in giving birth to a book, apart from the writing and personal story, there is the path of publishing and the people you need to help you.
I have sent the book to an editor and he has sent some pages back and wow I am thankful, reading his suggestions and comments on my work has just made me realise where I am standing and I am proud of where I am standing, I am standing in front of a mountain.

I smell her icicle breath
I feel her sweet whisper kissing my cheek
I see her move, move with the wind, move me.
I taste anticipation, bright light on my tongue.
I see I have to climb.

The meager experience I have in hiking up hills won’t call them all mountains, I have noticed that it is step by step, you are walking a path and it gets steeper, you are getting higher up and the path gets steeper still, and still, you take a step and you will be future along.
It seems that it is this way with all things if you just keep at it.
You know it will be hard and you know you will be surrounded by beauty, sometimes we tire and struggle to see, with the fatigue, you might forget and miss the beauty but it does not change the fact that you are surrounded by beauty.
You know, you will get tired and hungry, but you also feel it in your bones that with all the aches and pains you are getting there and even though it might be still some way to go, you are getting there, you are doing it, not talking to do it, not considering it, you are in it you have begun.

This book is a mountain in front of me, I am excited to climb, I see the path I see that I have barely started, but writing a book is no longer an “I will” it is an “I am”
To be able to say that, gives my spirit energy for the climb before me, to realise that you are in it you are doing the thing you have dreamt of for so long, breaks the brain it is truly magic and I have still such a long way to go but I am…

A mountain before me
None can see her
She is a dream
She is a heartbeat
She is a way of life
She is my love.

Thank you for reading

Peace and Love.

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