What is this place?
Lost between, walls of emerald and ruby.
What is this place I have not seen
A place that seems familiar yet unexplored
Smells of home-cooked food flood these walls.
Where am I?

What is your favourite…
A question often asked between friends and young lovers sometimes as a reference of how compatible they are. what is your favourite time of day?
why that time? and why that?
The mystery of you is a gift to you, to realize who you are and what you like is an extraordinary exploration.


I have picked my favourite Power Ranger and Biker mice from mars, character when I was young but what I did not know is why did I enjoy them why did I feel like I could relate or why I wanted to be like them in some way.
Now, only now, I see walking in the maze of who I am and honestly, I am walking in awe.

Where am I?
Lost only because I do not know this road
I walk and discover
I explore and find a new path
Lost because I have not been I have not seen
What is this beating and bleeding road
What is this place?

I have been faced with the man in the mirror, seen that understanding who I am is not the answer to know his name but to trust that you will be able to put the jumbled letters he speaks together.
Often we spoil something by seeking to understand it, I think it is important to know oneself yet I think knowing oneself does not need explanation especially for yourself. I enjoy liquorice, rain, Eminem, and Bach why?
I do it a gift to me that’s why.
I enjoy how I whisper to myself and how I have learned to trust that voice, go and buy yourself some whisky, deal, Why?
Because I felt it and I trust myself enough to go for it.
Why do I enjoy to write?
Why do I want to publish?
Why do I want to write this specific story?
Why am I writing this blog?
Questions I explore, not to explain to others, because I know my answer will never be right for everyone, and their opinions on my life does not matter, yet asking myself these questions have taught me to trust myself, what I feel and that voice we all hear, that whispers sweet songs of things to try and explore, I know the sound, I know that breath. The more I have explored those moments I have recognized the false voice that whispers sweet nothings.
We are not mindless drones we are unique and special beings and discovering yourself is one of Gods greatest gifts to you.

What is this place?
Home close to home I have not lived in?
Not where I am but who I am
Lost within myself, no map at hand.
I hear a voice I trust.
A voice that speaks heart.
A voice that tells me you are not lost.
whisper, speak.
shout, discover…
Thank you for reading Peace and Love.

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