The Great Line__________

Will, I ever write it or have I?
Was it in the sand I drew
Was it in the school books I burned
Where or when is the great line.
The day I am fifty and experience most thing life offered.
Am I waiting for something that has happened?
A moment beautiful as it passed never to come to me again
What do I do now?


The trouble with quotes (in my opinion) it often seems to sum up the writer in one sentence his/her wisdom in one or two lines and very few read the rest of what that writer said and the greats have maybe five or ten great lines but that’s it, forgetting that those sentences were often in books with thousands of lines.
“To be or not to be that is the question”- William Shakespeare.
This was but one line from one of Hamlet’s seven soliloquies. (to be or not to, have 33 lines and 262 words- I did a quick google for this)
I know that I am not the only one that can barely quote the lines before or after to be or not to be.

I enjoy quotes more than most it is powerful and thought-provoking inspirational and fun to be able to summon the words of great writers in conversation from time to time, as a writer the danger is the good old sickness of comparison.

Oh great line come hither
Do not wonder, do not wait
Come, I be, clean and pure, I have been waiting.
Waiting as dew on grass praying for grace,
Let the sun not rise and take me away before I see you.
Oh, great line come my way
hear me beg and plead
Come to me please oh please come.


The great sadness of placing “the great line” pressure on yourself, you are taking the ladder away that might get you to that line, and often, the great line was not chased (I do not think so.)
Question what is greatness? Again this is a measuring staff unneeded in the creatives mind, I honestly believe greatness is you and the struggle is you being you, not comparing, not measuring, are you seeking to reveal yourself the best as you are. “The great line” is found in all art the great joke the great, the great cover, the great melody. Sometimes it is the object that might take you to greatness, this pen will help me write or I need this phone for this app to remind me and I will be great, this camera will be the key to great photography or video, this banjo is my ticket and then we wait and if greatness does not come our way we seek the next line. We sell our art sort as if it can only stand as strong as the instrument we use. We are already great and the hard part is to realise that we have that potential dancing in us freely it is to honestly believe in yourself and then to be in relationship with that part (practice and discovery)
You are the great line.

Where, oh where but within do you find greatness
Forgotten, and missed but not perished.
Alive as the wind that gently kisses.
Oh great line you have been within me
I was but waiting to believe.

Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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