Are we Chocolates?

If life is like a box of chocolates are we the chocolates?
Could we be that sweet? Could we be the little gifts wrapped in gold and silver?
Yes, we are, you are.
We are in desperate need of a sugar rush. we are in desperate need of you. The coronavirus has revealed somethings of us, yes we can differ on opinions and argue and fight and have our own opinions(oftentimes uneducated/facebook opinions) and we can go around and around with these fights, and then there are moments, that just reveal our core, moments that makes me drop a dramatic tear from one eye(sometimes a prune face cry/ or just average emotional feeling.)


I hope you have read or heard just how Italy is standing together and singing from balconies and making music and aerobics and reveal that we are understanding people that we have Love in us that can not be defeated, look at how we all let it escape, in one’s own time of “apocalypse” whatever we go trough family fights and tragedy, life-changing moments we all grab our chocolate heart and squeeze and often what comes from that makes us all melt.

I do not want to promote tragedy as an artists birth.
Sad that we often only notice art within ourselves in such times, but it has always been there.
You have always been wrapped in gold.

I know there is more to us, we are not just this chocolate for the world but we are a sweet treat for ourselves we need to open the box and discover am I mint, lemon, milk? whatever your flavour you are your favourite and that is the magic you do not know what you are until you go and taste, try and discover. I am only now seeing that I am starting to trust myself, the feelings to create this or try that just go out and take photos, or whatever idea I get only now I am starting to believe. Honestly, it is one of the hardest things to do is to believe in oneself, whatever the reason for that is, its hard to believe that you are this wonderful treat in the box of life that you are special amongst all in this box, but it does not change the truth again you are dressed in gold and silver you have amazing flavour.

Thank you for reading, I am enjoying to write these blogs and discovering all the flavours. again thank you.
Peace and Love.

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