Heart revealed

My heart you do not speak what I expect
“Be brave”, “you can do it” the words don’t visit, your tongue.
You bleed a language I fear to act upon.

I have noticed that when I speak to myself, (I often do.) that I do not encourage nor give pep talks or motivational quotes.
When I walk and tune into who I am when I listen to what my heart desire, I realise that the heart does not mix words, it does not beg it does not motivate its answers.
The heart speaks short sentences and you choose to server or plead not guilty, that who you want is not me.
Yet the heart does not speak of who you could be, or who you should be the heart speaks only who you are.


Why do I fear what you speak my Heart, my love
I hear you clearly, and act as if your voice is muffled.
You speak the rhythm of my love and yet, my Heart
I do not listen
I hear every spoken word, I hear
I do not want to listen because I fear.
I cut my ears and yet I still hear you, my Heart.
My love.

What the heart speaks is personal, to some, it might be a small act but to you, it is something you value so much you are afraid to lose or even try, but still, you know what your heart is asking you.
I wrote in previous blogs about my Church street photo idea, I like this example because it is true.
The heart spoke, I just feel like I want to take photos of this street, and put the photographs to a poem, it really is that simple, its a small and easy task my heart does not tell me why, I might ask why and give my self answers but I just hear one thing go and take photos to write this poem.
There is no, “you can do it” or “believe in yourself” no reasoning and, even when I ask myself why and give a hundred reasons why not, my heart just says one thing go.
I still hold, I still hold back why is such a simple task so hard, I don’t have the answer down to a T, but I know the biggest opposition to the heart is fear, and fear does one thing it stops you from being you.
What I think we miss is that the heart does not ask nor request it reveals.

My heart, I hear you as I always have.
I know what you speak.
Fear attempts to cast a fog
Yet your voice is light, and I know what you reveal.
Not desire nor mission
no stutter or stumble
your tongue is precision
My Love, you reveal me.

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