I see her dancing in the wind
How long will she hold?
such fragile beauty.

I am astonished by the freedom we have, we can go out and do anything only now I realise that there are no open doors because there are no doors.
If I want to write about and android grasshopper saving the world, as it tries to balance heroics and relationship with his pet dog. all I need to do is sit down and write it.
That is the part, I believe most of us struggle with is the sitting and doing its part, I would enjoy being able to speak and understand Japenese, I have audio tapes and books I know of apps that will help I have no excuse not to, and yet the only thing I need to do is sit and learn, it is that simple even if it takes me 20 years then When I am 49 I will be able to speak Japanese. The thing I fear and wrote about in a previous blog is what if tomorrow does not come then I have not even really tried and honestly, I can do it, I have all the tools and most of us have the tools, that is the beauty of this life even if we don’t we can get the tools to get the tools.

The beauty is to realise the freedom we have, to see that yes you can do anything, somethings will be harder than others and somethings might take longer, and then somethings we just don’t have to spend time on, the thing I am asking myself for the past while is what do I want to spend my time on, what is the things my heart is telling me and let me jump in on that and not waste my time on things that I do just for the perception of others or just distractions.

Her head nodding to the slightest change
delicate wonder, how do you stay?
How do you dance with so much life?
how have you learned to dance with the wind?


To me it seems the hardest part is to start, it is as if you start with a wall.
but if you break through that damn wall, you will flow (see what I did there)
Yesterday I struggled with my blog for many silly reasons but it was to clear all distractions and interruptions and sit and write and after fifteen minutes of sitting and staring at the blank canvas I was excited positive each word felt good to write down and I just felt like I could go on till sunrise.
it is similar with running and raining if you have not trained or if you have not in a while that first couple of hundred meters while running can really feel uncomfortable and stupid and your mind is professional to explain why this action is stupid and that there are better things to do, but we have to push and we can do it, and it can be anything.
Go and lace your shoes and do it.
Go and sit and write it.
Whatever your it is go and do it you are free!


I see her dancing in the wind
The wind seems to take her life.
She did not stand long
Fragile beauty.
Tell me why do you let go.

It is Life.

Thank you for reading Peace and Love.

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