We got punched in the mouth

Blind I walked the path with no thought.
I barely woke to live the day
I assumed without assuming
I just did.
That’s all we did, we just did.

Coronavirus, what have you done to the world?
I think it is helping us remember the beauty and fragility of this life, we not only as a nation we as a world we as people are going through a grievous time, and as most tragedy, it came and blindsided us.
We got punched in the mouth.

How can everything that seemed solid become liquid?
Were my plans not set in stone?
Did we forget?

I think we had plans and now our plans are being challenged and maybe even destroyed, now we are battling to let go, battling to realise what have we been living for, and what life has been and now what is life becoming? All of this is messy.
It’s not that we have been doing life wrong, maybe at some parts, we have just become accustomed to things that were not guaranteed, maybe we have walked our path so often we started to walk it blindly, wake up coffee, traffic, work, break, work, traffic, home, sleep repeat.
Did we become a bit blind to what life is, not that anyone actually figured it out, but we as a human race in our development have decided that this is our way of life work, gather, gain, grow in your profession but that is what we chose and just followed, year after century after millennium, now we are left with questions and I believe that is good to sit still evaluate ourselves and ask ourselves, what does life mean to me? how does living look like? what is a community to me? how do I want to be alive?
What were all my plans? why does my mouth hurt?

In Christopher Nolan‎’s the dark knight, the Joker has a quote “you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.” We all are affected in some way, we all are getting punched, unfortunately, some of our defences have already been worn out round after round in life, we have to stand up and help them who have been knocked down we have to reach with sanitised hands and help them up because we all are in this fight now we all are going to feel the punches and that’s okay ask any fighter, it’s not that you won’t get punched even Floyd Mayweather most likely the best defensive fighter to have walked the plant got punched, we will feel a hit, we must rise, we must get up.
I find it funny how social distancing has in someway made us more social and more aware, more close.
We are one, we are a, we.
This chaos is fair, we had our plans and now that it seems that it might not work out, or however we are getting affected by this we might want to take it up personally, but that is a part of being alive, the world, nature, whatever it is, is unpredictable, only its unpredictability is predictable.

Forgetting is death without dying.
I forgot life, I forgot, that I can live
I forgot that I can die.
I forgot.


“We got so accustomed to it we thought we deserved it”
—Angelo Dundee American boxing trainer and cornerman.
I am taking his quote out of context, I think we got accustomed to our life, the way it moves and how it is supposed to go, but there is no manual saying that, that is how life works and if it gives any problems call this number, full refund no questions asked.
This coronavirus and how it affects us as humanity is sad and tragic but it is okay that such things happen because they will, I don’t want my loved ones to die but they will, I don’t want to bump my toe but I will, but now what, what do we do now?

“Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that’s in rhythm or you’re in trouble.”
—Sugar Ray Robinson
What do we do now?
We get up and go another round, we rise to the occasion as one and stand together and fight, we help, we laugh, we become alive.
We listen to the rhythm of our heart, and we go one more round.

Coronavirus is no joke, yet we can make others smile, here is a video my friend made hopefully you giggle at least a bit.

Now my eyes open.
I feel awake, I feel life.
I feel I am starting to remember.
Remember what it is to be alive.

Thank you for reading, enjoy this week and whatever you are facing I am here in your corner saying get up you can go one more round.
Peace and Love.

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