Season Change

When did it start
The colour is changing,
When did the cold creep in with her crayon
We are wearing her marks
She is not here, not yet.

Winter is coming, the leaves are already starting to change its hue, the night is arriving a little earlier than before the change is visible, but still not always noticed because every day it changes the smallest amounts.

I think we are the same, we change in the smallest of amounts without noticing that every day you are changing hue, I have seen that I am bolding, it was not all at once it is a slow death to my dome fro, I only noticed it when it got bad, oh I am losing my hair, and then looking back at photos of the past I could see some signs more clear. The same goes for skill we do not notice that we are getting better at things like writing or music you don’t jump from one push up to a hundred and sometimes we only notice when we do worse, I am seeing now that this process is a process I have said this many times before, yet I still realise how hard we are on ourselves when it seems we are not growing or moving forward.

The trees and night sky
Warning us of her coming
Bringing her cold army
its as if she arrived,
but she is not here, not yet.


If everything shows the signs of winter but it is not here yet what does it mean? are we in autumn or in the autumn of autumn?
Silly question, but I am thinking we often want to be winter or summer but we are in the change of season we are now in the autumn or spring maybe even the spring of spring or the autumn of autumn, we are not there yet and that is greatly frustrating but we will be summer we will be winter, it is coming if you just keep going.
We just get sidetracked by fickle measurements and life pressures that far to often spoil our dreams.
You are showing the signs of doing your heart if it is writing or singing, dancing, photography whatever the thing is you are doing it if you are doing it, you are not there yet, but look the hue is changing the signs are there you are doing it.

How did you get here,
All of nature announced your coming
I never seen you arrive
Now I sit and shiver in your arms.
She has arrived.

Things are changing, the season, and with the coronavirus, our country is changing, lockdown coming around the corner and the world seems to be that little bit different things are changing and soon without us noticing things will have changed, winter will be here and lockdown will be over and we will have changed beards will have grown and hair will have been lost, weight might be gained or lost, hoodies might be worn and trees might stand naked.
Change is happening and it often is scary and even more often we do not notice it, be calm keep move closer to your dreams take the steps, do what your dream requires and keep moving you might not see it but the landscape is changing, it is announcing that you are coming.

Thank you for reading, Peace and Love.

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