Lockdown is on the horizon and what do we do with these twenty-one days?
Locking the doors of my house
I discover another set of keys
where do they fit
what do they unlock
is it a door or a cage
What will I find…

Here is what I think one can do this is a great time to work on the things you wanted to do but felt you never had the time for, it could be a kick start to the skills you wanted to learn, maybe to play the guitar, or any instrument, learning a language, or it could be a time to indulge in the hobbies you enjoy, reading writing, drawing whatever it is now is that time.
Time to be creative to figure out how to do what you want to do in lockdown, how to train in confined spaces or whatever how do I make music with just four strings, how do I take intriguing indoor photos see the challenges and rise to the occasion.

The key fits in the rib cage
The key has opened a new page
Chambers open and inviting
What is this place
What have I unlocked

What I hope for and what I am excited about is for you to spend some time with your own heart discover what makes you amazing (You are amazing) I will do this, it is one of the hardest things to believe in oneself, it is easy to make oneself less then because it sounds humble or you might honestly feel like it is wrong to stand up and say “I am good” might feel wrong as if it is egotistical and arrogant or you might honestly not feel worthy, I struggle with this not as much as when I was younger but I still do, I will not walk around and announce to the world “I am unworthy” but what I would do is sell my writing short, I would say something in the line of “I wrote this poem its a bit shitty, but I kinda like it” or when I had a good performance and people would say “you were great and amazing” I would deny it, and almost as if wounded and say thank you, while trying to avoid more people, I could not stand proud and honestly thank them in return, I could not give them a small gift of accepting their gratitiude.
If you have ever felt this now is the time to discover the wonder of you, sit down be still just breath and reflect on your life give your heart the mic, it has much to say, listen and believe.


Oh how wondrous and mysterious I am
When I sat still I found keys
Simple looking keys
Rare keys
Keys that opened the doors to my heart
I locked my house and opened home

Lockdown is an uncomfortable moment in time, this moment in our lives is scary and the unknown hides around thousands of questions but with the locks and keys in our hands we can find things that once was hidden from our sight like ourselves, like our passion and dreams like family and friends, creative ways to support each other we will be behind lock and key but Love is boundless and we can rally together separately and unite.

Peace and Love
Thank you for reading.

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